Our primary concern is the protection of your privacy. This policy covers how we will protect any and all personal information you might share with us.

Personal Data

We do require some sensitive personal data in order to formulate accurate quotes and to allow our customers to make online reservations. This information is collected by online form, which ensures correct and speedy quotes and communication.

Sharing Personal Information

The information you provide to us, including but not limited to name, email address, and/or telephone number will be used only by Wonder Movers Glendale staff to respond to quotes, make reservations, and communicate with customers. We will never share it with any third party or any partners unless we have first specifically asked for permission.

Opting Out of Information Sharing

If you do not want your information shared with any of our partners or the third parties we work like (like insurance companies), you can request an “opt out” by emailing our company.

Website Security

Any and all information provided to us by our clients is stored on a secure server, which uses encryption to protect your data. Only certain employees have access to this data, as necessary.

Links on Our Website

We can only vouch for the safety and legitimacy of information on our website. Our website does have some links to other websites and to social media profiles, which have their privacy policies. We are only responsible for our own policies, not theirs. Read their policies to ensure your data is safe while visiting.

For more information or question, please send a message to support@wondermovers.com