Online Quotes – Any estimate will not be finalized and guaranteed until the household has been given a visual inspection. Because every move is different, a guaranteed estimate cannot be given until the house and the furniture have been seen. Estimates are only guaranteed for long distance moves.

Cost of Services– Because quotes are formulated based on information provided by clients, extenuating circumstances, noted at the time of service (like stairs, elevators, or excessive distance between parking and residence), may change the cost of service.

Minimum Service Requirements – We reserve the jobs with 3 hours minimum requirement on most sub-peak days. 4 Hours are required on Saturday mornings, certain remote cities, and certain peak-days.

Driving Time Is Doubled – This is set by the California Public Utilities Commission regulations. Specific rules are detailed in the Maximum Rate Tariff (Item 36, page 9), which can be found on the CPUC website for free.

CPUC Booklet – I acknowledge that I will familiarize myself with “Important information for Persons Moving Household Goods” booklet. This informational booklet is prepared by CPUC for customers to explain the details of moving process and your consumer rights in the State of California.

Payment method – We accept all major credit card and cash. We do not accept personal, business, or cashier’s checks.